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Is it possible to earn money online? Is it also possible to earn a living without being a fully employed in a company of your choice? The answer is, of course yes! Then how is possible in today’s technologically driven environment? The simplest way to earn a living today in a good way, without being employed is through a computer and Internet connection. But then you may ask, if it is that simple why most people are not doing it? The answer is that, you just do not know how to do it and where to start?

There are many options on how to earn money online. For the sake of beginners or for those who are new and perhaps wanted to venture in the online business, I have listed some of them below for you start thinking about them.

Here are some of them:

1. Selling your own physical products
    In here, the pre-requisite is to create your own physical products that you can sell for a certain price. If you cannot create your own
    product, you can have somebody do it for you for a certain amount. If not, you can buy someone else product and sell it at a marked-    up price.

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2. Selling someone else physical products
    This option is what we call as Affiliate Marketing for physical products. Basically, you register as an affiliate to any affiliate marketing
    websites so that you are authorized to sell their products. In return, you will be paid in a form of a commission.

3. Selling your own digital products
    This is the opposite of selling physical products. In here you are selling downloadable items like eBooks, Music, Games, etc.
    Anything in softcopy format. To earn money online seems possible, 
isn’t it?   

4. Selling someone else digital products
    This is basically selling someone else digital products or products in downloadable format. This option is the easiest among the
    rest since you don’t have to worry about physical space to store 
your products. And it offers a little higher commission than physical

5. Selling your expertise as a form of services
    Have you heard a phrase “If you are good at something, do not do it for free”? I think this is very true if you are expert at something.
    Another way of saying is monetizing your expertise. Let’s say 
you are good at building a website, why not sell your services to those
    who need them? You can 
earn money while doing the thing you love, is it not amazing? Absolutely!

6. Selling someone else’s expertise as a form of services
     You role here is an affiliate and you will earn a commission by referring somebody else’s expertise. You will get paid if somebody
     buys the service or services you are referring to your 
audience or customer.

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The above list is what we call products and services. To be able to do business online you need to have an infrastructure. In this level, you do not need a complicated one. All you need is just a website or an online portal as a gateway for your website visitors or customers to see the products and services that you are offering to them.

So is it possible to earn money online? Yes of course. You just need to know where and how to start with it.

To your success and Good Luck!

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